Target Audience

General construction worker who holds a valid work permit and have some knowledge in minor construction activities. Marine workers are welcome to take their 1st SEC (K) with us.

Course Overview

Aim of this course is to ensure participants are equipped with knowledge and skills in waterproofing activities. Trainees who pass the Multi Skills theory and practical assessment will be awarded with a 2nd SEC (K) certificate which will allow them to enrol into Multi Skills Scheme and they will be able to work in Singapore for at least 18 to 22 years while companies enjoy a reduction in their work permit levies rate.

Course Objectives

  • These courses aim to provide trainees with knowledge and skills in waterproofing. They will be trained to recognize method of waterproofing, techniques of applying waterproofing membrane, proper handling of waterproofing tools and equipment. They will also be taught to practice good waterproofing habits and worksite safety relating to waterproofing activities.

Course Contents

  • Plan and prepare self-adhesive waterproofing membrane
  • Apply primer to the area where the waterproofing membrane will be laid
  • Lay and apply the waterproofing membrane according to the drawing provided
  • Ensure proper treatment to vent pipe, floor trap opening and all edges
  • Practical Test

Course Details

Medium: English
Pass Criteria: Theory Assessment 25 MCQ (60%)Practical Assessment (100%)
Attendance – 100%
Venue: 26A Norris Road,
Singapore 208268
Assumed Skills & Knowledge:  Must be able to understand and communicate in language of instruction.

Course Duration / Class

Session: 3 sessions
Duration:  4 hrs per session

Registration Requirements:

  1. Valid work permit copy (Validity of 3 months)
  2. Valid copy of passport copy
  3. 1ST SEC (K) certificate
  4. Completed registration form