What is IMS?

An integrated management system is a management system that integrates all systems and processes of an organization aligned into a single framework.

Why IMS?

Notwithstanding benefits of the respective schemes, integrated management systems provide the added advantage of

  • Holistic management of all aspects of your organization
  • Reduced documentation due to reduced duplication
  • Lower certification & consultancy costs
  • Better streamlined processes

The Quality Safe Approach

Our consultants will work alongside with you, guiding you on every step of your journey in establishing your integrated management system as follows:

Description Personnel Involved Duration Required
Phase 1: Planning
Project Initiation & Gap Analysis QS & Company 4 weeks
Awareness Training for employees QS & Company
Design and Development of IMS QS & Company
Phase 2: Implementation
Procedural Training for employees QS & Company 6-8 weeks
IMS & Process Implementation QS & Company
Phase 3: Checking & Actions
Monitoring & Measurements QS & Company 3-6 weeks
Internal Auditor Training QS & Company
Conduct of Internal Audit QS & Company
Management Review QS & Company
Phase 4: Certification
Stage 1 Assessment QS & Company 3-6 weeks
Stage 2 Assessment QS & Company
Approx. 4 to 6 months

* subject to client requirements