This is a mandatory audit for all companies who wish to attain and/or renew bizSAFE level 3 / bizSAFE Star/ bizSAFE Partner certification. This is also a mandatory audit for all MOM Approved Scaffold Contractors for their renewal of licence. Risk management audit needs to be carried our as per WSH (Risk Management) Regulations by a MOM Approved auditor. During the audit, our MOM Approved auditor will visit your office and/or project site to ensure effective Risk Management is in place. All bizSAFE certified companies need to undergo a RM audit once every three years before the expiry of their bizSAFE certifications.

This audit covers document review, physical site inspection and interview of key personnel on verifying implementation of Risk Management in place. Our MOM approved auditors will be checking on documents such as WSH Policy, Risk Management Procedure, Risk Management Plan, Risk Assessment, RM Appointment Letters, Safe Work Procedure and other related Risk Management records during the audit.

Upon successful completion of audit, our MOM Approved auditors will then prepare a RM audit report and submit to WSH Council for the necessary bizSAFE certification applications and/or renewal of certification.