Reliable SHMS Audit Professionals for Your Singapore Business

Regulation 9 of the Workplace Safety and Health (Safety and Health Management System, also known as SHMS) regulations 2009 state that it is the responsibility of the workplace to appoint an accredited safety and health auditor that will conduct audits to assess the relevant management system of that workplace.

At Quality Safe, we are proud to be official SHMS auditors for WSH, ensuring that each organisation we assess is given fair and accurate audits. We are committed to following all guidelines with flawless attention to detail and are known for our exceptional quality of work.


How do SHMS Audits Work?

An organisation’s SHMS audits are conducted in compliance with all relevant legislation and guidelines appointed by the WSH for that specific industry. As such, the assessment will use the WSH act and all other relevant requirements in order to accurately and fairly evaluate the organisation.

This process is incredibly important to maintaining healthy and safe workplaces for people throughout Singapore.


Our team of approved auditors

As specified by the SHMS, all necessary audits must only be conducted by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) approved auditors who are employed by a corresponding approved organisation. At Quality Safe, we are proud to provide qualified SHMS audits in line with these requirements, delivering exceptional results that are fair and unbiased.

All auditors follow the same methodology, which includes a document review, interview of key personnel and site inspection. The number of days that are required for each audit will change depending on the criteria that correspond with each particular workplace.


Ask us your questions

If you have any questions about SHMS Audits or courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing Our dedicated team of staff will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible with a response.