The Overtime Exemption Audit Professionals

As accredited auditors for the Ministry of Manpower, Quality Safe are committed to providing fair and accurate audits relating to the exemption of overtime work. As a team of professionals who are committed to delivering results that maintain the safety of employees in the workplace, we are proud to be a part of the WHS programme.


When is an overtime exemption needed?

As per the Employment Act, a maximum of 72 hours of Overtime (OT) work is allowed based on a per month basis. Any OT work that exceeds more than 72 hours per month requires a approved WSH auditor is to endorse the OT exemption approval for submission to Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The objective of an Overtime Exemption Audit is to assess risk levels of work activities in an organization which are required to be carried out overtime beyond 12 hours a day.

This audit is only applicable to those organizations who are applying for the exemption of overtime.


What will an auditor assess?

The audit will be conducted by MOM Approved Auditor employed by an Approved Auditing Organization. The assessment covers a range of areas, including interview of key personnel and the verification of risk control measures within the management system.

It is the responsibility of the auditor to ensure that each risk assessment has considered the following components:

  1. The length of all extended working hours within that workplace
  2. The types of work and the workload of the employees
  3. Where applicable, they may also assess adjusted exposure limits to noise and chemicals, heat stress and the manual lifting of materials.

This auditing process is set out to ensure that it considers all implemented risk control methods that the company may already have in place.

Upon going through risk register, our auditor will endorse the organisation provided they are satisfied with the outcome, have confirmed that all work activities carried out overtime involve Low Risk as well as ensuring that none of the activities listed under Annex A of Overtime Exemption Application Form are carried out overtime.


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