ISO 50001 is an international standard that gives organisations of any size a way to systematically optimise energy performance in all processes and promote more efficient energy management. ISO 50001 is one of the few management systems that offer measurable cost benefits to organisations. It allows your business to achieve greater transparency and promotes best practises in energy management by demonstrating how energy is consumed throughout your value chain. The ISO 50001 energy management system (EnMS) framework is widely known to improve bottom lines through systematic improvements in energy efficiency and consumption while enhancing a company’s reputation and environmental performance.



  • Works from large to small organizations across diverse commercial, industrial and public sectors
  • Improved cost savings
  • Helps to achieve energy efficiency & compliance
  • Coordinating energy programs (Energy Efficiency, Energy Production, Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy)
  • Facilitates external financial incentives (Electric utility, third party financing, tax benefits and others)
  • Identify and Manage the risks surrounding your future energy supply
  • Measure and monitor energy use to identify where to improve energy efficiency
  • Improve overall performance to reduce energy consumption and bills
  • Reduce environmental impact, carbon emissions and meet government reduction targets
  • Demonstrate environmental credentials to increase tender opportunities