Effective OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 Consultants Based in Singapore

Achieve the standard in business and occupational health and safety management and obtain the OHSAS 18001 qualification with our consultants in Singapore today.

With this internationally recognised qualification, your business safety processes will be better streamlined, and your employees’ safety will be more secure.

The Singapore equivalent of the international standard is the SS 506, which is specific to local businesses.

Our OHSAS and ISO consultants can help you manage risks ion your organisation for all-over benefits and improve working conditions for your employees.


Managing safety with OHSAS has a range of benefits

Not only will our OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 qualifications increase your standing in the industry, it will also and set you apart from your competitors, the certificate will help you improve your business processes overall. Our consultants in Singapore will cover every element of your business, to provide a cohesive and comprehensive plan for improvement.

We help you manage risks in your business and:

  • Enjoy increased productivity and sales
  • Achieve recognition in the international market
  • Reduce downtime involve with workplace related incidents
  • Comply with laws and regulations locally, nationally and internationally
  • Foster better relationships with suppliers
  • Retain employees by creating a better workplace culture


Areas of OHSAS inquiry

All of our consultants are well-versed in each area of business and is able to construct a detailed audit that will see your business soar. This involves tapping into each area of your company, including:

  • Record management and documentation
  • Identifying hazards and risks
  • Procuring suppliers and managing stakeholders
  • Being prepared for emergencies, and knowing how to respond
  • Managing legal compliance

Contact us and chat with our consultants in Singapore for more information about our services.


ISO 45001 transition

As of March of this year, ISO 45001 became the newest international standard for occupational health and safety. While the ISO 45001 takes OHSAS 18001 into account, there will be many new rules and regulations as a part of this system that are different to what you are used to. This is where our consultants in Singapore can help.

Our team of competent experts are well-informed about the latest ISO 45001 transition. We are eager and ready to explain and advise. If you need help developing an implementation plan for your ISO 45001 transition, make sure to get in touch with us by clicking here.

Contact our Singapore consultants for more information on how to book an initial consultation in your own business. Our friendly consultants will comprehensively outline the key aspects of the ISO 45001 transition and answer any queries you may have. We will visit and conduct the appropriate interviews and consider your bookwork before developing a detailed plan for your business in Singapore.

As well as helping you attain the initial qualification, we will assist you in upgrading from an older framework. Keeping updated is essential and will help your business succeed.

Contact us to find out how.