This course aims to equip participants with skills and knowledge to carry out welding works in the construction and marine industries. Participants will have hands on practical training on the various types of welding joints and they will be competently trained as a Welder so they can perform their welding activities competently.

This welding course hasĀ various coverage such as 3G, 4G, 6G welding skill level and work in Construction/Marine industries. All participants are required to go through a skill competency test conducted by the external accredited tester such as a certified welding inspector. Upon successful completion, trainees who are competent in the relevant welding tests will be issued with a certificate and a welding card as an attainment of their skills.

Course outline:

  • Introduction to Welding
  • Preparation for Safe Welding Operations
  • Risk Assessment of safe welding operations
  • Hazard Involved in Welding
  • Usage of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Practical Training on welding
  • Practical Assessment by Welding Inspector