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QUALITY SAFE CONSULTANTS PTE LTD is an appointed service provider for the Total Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) programme in collaboration with Workplace Safety and Health Council,  ProAge Pte Ltd (Appointed Health Coaching Service Provider) and I-Wellness Services Pte Ltd (Appointed Health Screening Service Provider). We aspire to help your company build business resilience and capability for safety management as well as productivity development. Find out more about us here


What is Total Workplace Safety and Health?

Total Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) is a comprehensive and integrated approach to manage the interactions between work, safety and health. It seeks to promote the well-being of workers and employers in a workplace by addressing safety and health risk in a holistic and comprehensive manner.

Why Total WSH?

The work environment, safety and health of workers are closely inter-related. Enhancing safety and health at work diminishes the risks of injury and ill-health, leading to better well-being for workers and a more productive workforce. Simultaneously, injury and ill-health at work reduce productivity and quality of life. In compiling to Total WSH requirements, one can enjoy greater productivity and smoother operations in the workplace.

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As a trusted service provider, we will guide your company through the entire Total WSH process.

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Use these Resources to assess your company’s Total WSH status

A tool to assess the workplace safety and health gaps in a company
A tool to assess individual workers’ health & lifestyle habits in relation to its impact to safety and work

Assistance to help companies implement Total WSH 

The WSH Council has introduced a one-year assistance programme, where your company will be guided step by step through the A-I-ME process. For enquiries on the Total WSH Programme, please contact us at

Alternatively, you may click here for more information.

Source: Workplace Safety and Health Council